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Imagine what your organization would look like if every one of your local leaders understood and acted upon their role as change agents, capable of propelling your organization toward greater heights. If you’re nodding your head while reading this, we’ve got a new (free!) offering just for you.

An opportunity for leaders

We’re delighted to unveil our 2024 executive workshop series, “Engaging Local Leaders.” Following our commitment to transform healthcare by working shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders nationwide, we’ll share our toolkit of strategies to build strong relationships with your local leaders and activate them in pursuit of your organizational objectives.

If you know Practicing Excellence, you know that we believe in “learning by doing.” In other words, the theoretical isn’t enough–for the learning to matter, you’ve got to put it into action! We’ll keep to that promise by sending participants back to their organization with a meticulously crafted operational playbook, build to outline their learnings, and pave the road to success in implementation.

Apply to attend today

To allow for small, collaborative peer groups, these workshops are invite-only. Think this opportunity sounds right for you? Please submit your information here and our team will be in touch with information about the workshop nearest you.



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