Building a Stronger Workforce: Hannibal Regional Healthcare System Deepens Employee Commitment, Partners with Practicing Excellence

Hannibal Regional Healthcare System has selected Practicing Excellence as its partner to design and implement customized human development programs aimed at empowering individuals and teams to drive progress toward organizational goals. Through this partnership, Hannibal Regional Healthcare System reaffirms its commitment to investing in its people by embarking on a continuous improvement journey, impacting every care team member.

“We are pleased to welcome Hannibal Regional Healthcare System to the Practicing Excellence community,” said Gidon Margolin, President, Practicing Excellence. “We are eager to cultivate a lasting relationship focused on enhancing how all members of the care team connect with patients, collaborate with their peers, and lead in a way that inspires meaningful change.”

Serving Northeast Missouri for over 115 years, Hannibal Regional Healthcare System has expanded its reach to cover 14 counties and 12 communities, employing more than 1,400 team members.

“I am excited that Hannibal Regional Healthcare System is investing in the development of every team member by launching Practicing Excellence organization-wide,” said Pranav Parikh, MD, MBA, CPE, FCCP, Chief Medical Officer, Hannibal Regional Healthcare System. “We have grown significantly by adding many new services and team members to our healthcare system, and it is now time to become an even better version of ourselves by strengthening how we engage our patients and collaborate with each other. Let’s go!”

Hannibal Regional Healthcare System will launch programs focused on improving the patient experience designed to elevate the overall quality of healthcare delivery. These initiatives aim to foster a patient-centric approach while promoting seamless collaboration among healthcare teams.

Now, more than ever, skill-building in healthcare is crucial. If you’re seeking assistance to kickstart your organization’s continuous improvement journey, get in touch with us now!



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