Virtual Roundtable | How CPMG Coached 1,200 Physicians (Hosted by AMGA)

Watch the AMGA Video: How Colorado Permanente Medical Group Coached Physicians from July 21, 2021

In this session, Dr. Stephen Beeson from Practicing Excellence speaks with Dr. Tom Rehring, vascular surgeon and Chief Experience Officer for Colorado Permanente Medical Group (CPMG). Together they will explore CPMG’s decision, approach, and performance outcomes for coaching 1,200 CPMG physicians synchronously.

The session will also explore CPMG’s keys to success, including:

  1.  Building a culture of coaching to drive engagement and adoptions
  2. Customizing coaching experiences for different groups of physicians
  3. Incorporating coaching participation and outcomes into performance management


  • Stephen Beeson, MD
    Founder of the Clinician Experience Project
  • Thomas Rehring, MD
    Vascular Surgeon and Chief Experience Officer
    Colorado Permanente Medical Group

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