This Nurses Week, Let’s Celebrate Ourselves

Nurses often lament that people do not really understand what we do and the powerful contribution that we make. In the midst of people celebrating us during Nurses Week, I’d love to see us celebrate ourselves—and leverage the excitement surrounding Nurses Week to share the profound impact of our work. What if, as we said thank you for the pizza or token of appreciation, we shared stories of the profound and powerful work that we do.

Powerful moments in nursing occur every day, yet we often miss them in the busyness of our work. To celebrate Nurses Week, let’s take a step back and deeply appreciate the moments that represent the essence of nursing.

The Practicing Excellence team, through the Nursing Experience Project, is planning two ways for nurses to recognize, share, and amplify the contribution to humanity that we make. Here are the details:


LinkedIn Giveaway:

Share your most powerful moments as a nurse on LinkedIn. On Saturday, May 6, the Practicing Excellence LinkedIn account will post a National Nurses Week graphic where nurses will be invited to respond. Here’s how to join:

  1. Look for the Nurses Week graphic to be posted on May 6th.
  2. Use the comment section to share your most powerful moment as a nurse.
  3. While you’re there, please like and comment to amplify other people’s stories.

This contest is open to the public. You do NOT have to be following Practicing Excellence on LinkedIn to qualify. As long as you leave a comment on our Nurses Week graphic, you will have an opportunity to win. By May 15, we will pick three random winners to be announced the same day.

 App-Exclusive Contest:

Celebrate powerful moments in nursing by watching meaningful tips, sharing our thoughts, and telling stories about what it means to be a nurse. Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Watch the Well-Being Together Tip of the Day. This will be shared in the community section of the app daily.
  2. Comment on that tip.
  3. Head over to the community section of the Practicing Excellence app.
  4. Share your most powerful nursing moment in the community section.
  5. While you’re there, please like and comment to amplify other people’s stories.

To support, encourage and recognize you, prizes will be awarded to select tip comments and the most powerful nursing moment posts. Winners will be announced the week of May 15!


For Nurses Week, my hope is that you share your stories with the world, remember to celebrate your colleagues as well by reading and commenting on their stories. I cannot think of any better gift for Nurses Week than filling each other’s cups by celebrating the impact we make in the lives of our patients and our communities.

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