Practicing Excellence

Project Manager

Guide to Success

Welcome Project Managers!

We are so glad you’re here! Your role is the cornerstone to successful integration and implementation of Practicing Excellence at your organization to see meaningful and sustainable transformation of your teams. 

You will visit and use the information, tools, and best practices provided on this page, along with your CSM/CSA team regularly. This page will change often as new ideas, tools, best practices, and resources are proven to propel teams forward.

Do you have something you want to see here? Tell us your idea or submit your feedback below! We’d love to hear it!


The well-being of our patients and our people matters and you’re not the solo investor. Identify stakeholders at your organization you can leverage. How can we tap the different roles on our project team to help bring Practicing Excellence to life and to value at your organization? 


As project managers, your role is instrumental to helping connect leaders with the tools they need to make The Project successful and integrating the skill development solutions into the fabric of the care your team members provide. When leaders and teams know what to do and can see the impact it has, value is realized and transformation occurs.


What are the tools I have as a leader? 

    • Group Learning slides 
    • Email and text that you drop in 
    • Collateral and toolkits come with 
    • Access to the resource page 

    When do I send these tools to leaders?

      • When a new leader starts 
      • When a new program is started 
      • When an engagement effort is needed

    Best Practice of the Quarter

    Once a quarter, the Program Manager receives an email from her HR partner to let her know what new clinic managers have started. They host a “Welcome to Practicing Excellence” 30-minute meeting over Teams. During this meeting, they welcome the new Practicing Managers to Practicing Excellence. They catch them up on the current program and run through the tools that are available to them. They brainstorm ways to integrate the tip of the week, like in the weekly huddle or team meeting. The CSM can join and so can leaders who are using Practicing Excellence well at the organization.


      Measuring Impact

      At its heart, impact measurement helps your organization understand and team understand if The Project is driving positive change. This is vitally important. By measuring impact, decisions can be made about which activities to start, enhance, stop, or change. Let your Practicing Excellence team partner with you to connect impact to measures. 

      Revisit the Measuring Impact work we started during onboarding in the playbook with your Client Success Team. Commit to a 2024 action plan to use data to measure impact and celebrate success for your team, your patients, and your organization.