Meet The PE Team | Liz Curry, Client Success Account Manager

At Practicing Excellence, we aim as a team to bring the best of each other through our collective purpose, transparent connection, and being truly “in this together.”

Our Meet The PE Team ongoing series will introduce you to the creative and authentic folks who are behind the work of the Clinician Experience Project. We invite you to get to know us a little more personally and how each valued team member contributes to the mission of helping all clinicians thrive.



Client Success Account Manager

Favorite coffee beverage
Iced almond milk latte

What inspires you most as you work with our partners across the country?

Hearing stories of success. Whether it’s countering burnout, improving patient satisfaction scores, enhancing physician-nurse relationships, the forming of dyad partnerships, etc., each help to get me excited and motivated to come into work each morning.

What past experience has lead you to this role at Practicing Excellence?

Previously I worked at a university in the College of Doctoral Studies. This experience showcased the importance of continuous education and its impact on learners. As I began working with DNP students I realized my interest in healthcare, and Practicing Excellence felt like a great fit for my skills and interests. 

Tell us one of your favorite tips from the Clinician Experience Project. Why do you find it practical?

Rapport Tip #4: The Power of Humor. Whether it’s in the exam room or in an administrative office, humor is a great way to create common ground and alleviate stress or anxiety. 

I recently had to take a trip to the ER for stitches and as someone who is deathly afraid of needles, my doctor helped ease my fear by making jokes and creating a memorable night out of something that would normally have been a nightmare.

In our always-learning culture, it’s fun to hear about what insights our team is learning, so please share any podcasts/books you’re enjoying lately.

Dr. Beeson recently gave me “Atomic Habits” by James Clear to read. This is a great read that helps clarify why we struggle to create new habits and eliminate bad habits.

One key learning is that habits are created based on how we identify with things. If I don’t identify as a runner, training for a marathon and successfully completing it is unlikely. 

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