Meet The PE Team | Jason Kimbrell, Video Production Specialist

Our second team member in our Meet The PE Team series introduces you to Jason Kimbrell, our Video Production Specialist. 

Enjoy getting to know who’s behind the Clinician Experience Project a little more personally and how each team member contributes to the mission of helping all clinicians thrive.



Video Production Specialist

Favorite coffee beverage
Iced almond milk latte

Describe how your expertise contributes to the PE team. What do you primarily focus on in your role?

My role involves curating dynamic content for our partners. This includes recording our faculty in the studio and editing each of our coaching tips. We have hundreds of great videos with priceless content, so we love to incorporate graphics, re-enactments, animations, and anything that helps keep clinicians engaged and interested in our learning content. The message is spot on, but we’re always looking for new and engaging ways to reinforce the message. 

In what ways does the rewarding work of your day-to-day drive our mission to help all clinicians thrive?

I’ve energetically spent weeks working on our coaching tip videos with only the end in mind, finishing up a batch of 30 videos to make a deadline. What drives me each day is the great feedback that I get from those who watch our tips and hearing about positive impact they’ve had on their lives. I’m lucky to work in a field that I love, but the positive changes that our videos create truly motivates me.

Your dedication behind the camera with our faculty helps to bring our coaching and development content to life. What do you like most about the production process?

We are always having a great time on set filming our tip videos. Everyone sees the polished end result, but no one sees the flubs and mistakes that have us rolling over in laughter. Filming new faculty is always a highlight for me, too. I get to witness firsthand their successes and struggles on a personal level between takes. 

In our always-learning culture, it’s fun to hear about what insights our team is learning, so please share any unique hobbies or interests you’re enjoying lately.   

If someone asks if you’d like to give “Virtual Reality” a try, definitely do it.  It will be eye opening.

I’ve considered myself a “high tech” hobbyist, but was blown away on the realism you feel when fully immersed into VR. Even when you say out loud “this isn’t real,” your body and emotions can’t tell the difference between the real world and VR world.  

After bringing my VR goggles to the office to share, I’ve convinced Dr. Beeson and a couple others on the team to join the VR craze. The results have been quite comical.

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