Meet The PE Team | Erin Gereghty, Client Success Account Manager

This month we shine the Meet The PE Team spotlight on Erin Gereghty, Client Success Account Manager.

Enjoy getting to know who’s behind the Clinician Experience Project a little more personally and how each team member contributes to the mission of helping all clinicians thrive.



Client Success Account Manager

Favorite coffee beverage
Black coffee with cinnamon.

Describe how your expertise contributes to the PE team. What do you primarily focus on in your role?

My career path has lead me through a variety of relationship-building positions with roles in marketing automation, a minor league baseball team, and healthcare. In each of my roles I have learned the importance of building relationships.

In healthcare in particular the power of human connection cultivates success. My goal at Practicing Excellence is to assist in operationalizing the Clinician Experience Project to fit organizational needs while creating a customized experience for leaders and their teams.

What inspires you most as you work with our partners across the country? 

When I was 19 my father was diagnosed with cancer. I spent much of that year and well into my twenties anxiously sitting in hospital waiting rooms, bedside in ICUs, and holding my dad’s hand through chemotherapy. Through those years, my family and I had a wide array of clinical encounters. We had some amazing encounters and definitely a few “What just happened?” encounters.

As I work with each and every one of my clients I think of the physicians who never stopped supporting my family, the dad who just wanted to go fishing with his kids, and the scared 19-year-old girl. Empowering clinicians and supporting the patient experience is far more than a job, it is a very personal experience for me.

Share with us a favorite tip from the Clinician Experience Project. Why do you find it practical for clinicians and teams?

One of my favorite tips is Kindness Tip #1: The Give and The Get.

Kindness is applicable to every aspect of the clinical encounter. Kindness can be experienced and provided by the front office staff, the patient, the nurse, the physician etc. I recently had a minor procedure and it was very clearly written all over my face: “Get me out of here.” The nurse did not say a word–she simply held my hand. That simple act of kindness got me through the moment and has stuck with me months later. This tip is a reminder of how simple acts go a long way.

In our always-learning culture, it’s fun to hear about what insights our team is learning, so please share any recent podcasts/books you’re enjoying lately. 

I am a big fan of history. I am particularly fond of reading about World War II. I am currently reading Born Survivors: Three Young Mothers and Their Extraordinary Story of Courage, Defiance, and Hope”.

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