May 2023 NEP Partner Spotlight | Practicing Excellence

Aimee Connelley, RN is our Nursing Experience Program Partner Spotlight! Aimee currently works as an Intensive Care Clinical Unit Supervisor at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital. For Aimee, her favorite parts of nursing is providing care at the bedside and getting to educate future nurses. To see how Aimee utilizes NEP to maximize her ability as a bedside nurse and nurse educator, read her interview below!

How long have you been in nursing, and what are your favorite parts about it?

I have been in nursing for nineteen years now and my favorite part about it is that you can make your experience whatever you want it to be. The field of nursing has so many opportunities, innovative processes, and changes to be a part of. Personally, I love patient care and I have chosen not to stray far from the beside while still nurturing new nurses and providing education for future nurses.


Can you tell us one of your favorite patient stories from your work?

One of my favorite patient success stories from work happened during the COVID pandemic. As a nurse, we had to adapt and adjust quickly to care for some of the sickest patients some of us had ever encountered. Most days, we experienced more loss than triumph. One patient was close to dying many times, but he lived and came back to visit us to tell us how grateful he was for the care he received. These are the times when we truly get to see how much our care and compassion matters.


How has NEP helped you as a nurse?

NEP has introduced many tips and tricks when it comes to balancing life inside and outside of work. It has taught me ways of building relationships with coworkers and patients in a way I may not have thought of before.


Could you tell us about a time that a tip you learned came in handy with a patient or a colleague?

In my position as a clinical unit supervisor, there have been times where I have had to have critical conversations with staff, coworkers, and even patients. Learning to listen with empathy and show vulerability at times has made all the difference.


What new skills are you looking forward to developing?

I am looking forward to becoming the type of leader who leads by example and building an environment in which other nurses can thrive.


What do you look forward to most after each week’s new tip?

I look forward to putting the new tips I learn into practice to see which techniques work for me and which ones I can adjust to make them my own. I love encouraging others to be the best they can be.


Thank you Aimee for sharing your story with us! We are excited to see what you accomplish in the future with the Nursing Experience Program.

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