Finding Balance Between Work and Play: Holiday Fun with Practicing Excellence

Last December 14-16, the Practicing Excellence team went to Las Vegas to plan, recharge, and celebrate all the hard work we’ve all put in across the past 12 months. Those in attendance were required to be fully vaccinated and asked to present a negative COVID-19 test a few days before travelling. This milestone marks the culmination of a busy, yet fulfilling, year. It was fun to see old friends, make new ones, and forge lasting relationships built on shared purpose. Here’s a quick recap of our Vegas retreat!


Celebrating who we are


Practicing Excellence team

All hands meeting at the Delano Las Vegas


We pride ourselves on being a mission-driven organization – so it’s only fitting that we started our get together by looking back and leaning forward. What have we done right the past year? What are the things that we can do to improve? If there’s one thing that you should know about us, it’s that we are very much rooted in a deep commitment not only to our work, but to each other. We are fueled by purpose and we never feel that we are done. We constantly look for ways to bring greater value to the health care industry and continuously aspire to make an even greater impact to those we serve.


Putting emphasis on well-being


Practicing Excellence

Finding balance between work and play at Topgolf Las Vegas


While it’s true that we always keep a constant ear to the changes and challenges in the health care space, we also try to unplug and unwind as much as we can. Spirited fun at work is central to our DNA and putting emphasis on each and every one’s well-being powers our sense of purpose, friendship, and innovation. 


So what’s next? 

We are excited to set in motion everything that we have planned in the future. An important truth we have learned, especially in the current state of the world, is that life can be unpredictable. We’re learning to appreciate where we are right now which sets us up to embrace the journey that we are currently on.

Come 2022, expect Practicing Excellence to introduce new programs, new faculty, and new initiatives that anticipate the needs of the industry, develop necessary solutions, guide leaders, and create value to realize positive outcomes. After all, we’re just getting started.

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