February 2023 CEP Partner Spotlight

Michael Wood, MD, is Practicing Excellence’s Clinician Experience Program Partner of the Month for February! Dr. Wood is an experienced hospitalist at Shannon Medical Center, who currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer. 

As a hospitalist, no one knows better than Dr. Wood how important it is to constantly pursue growth and excellence. To see how the Clinician Experience Program helped him grow as both a physician and leader, read our interview with Dr. Wood below!

How long have you been in medicine, and what are your favorite parts about it?

I’ve been practicing as a hospitalist physician for seven years at this point at Shannon Medical Center. I enjoy the teamwork and collaboration between various medical professionals united towards a common goal.


Can you tell us one of your favorite patient stories from working in medicine? 

Practicing in a smaller community I’ve often had the opportunity to care for several members of the same family. Although being hospitalized is typically not a desirable situation to be in, recognizing these previously formed family relationships and building further trust has been some of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had as a physician. 

How has the Clinician Experience Program helped you as a clinician? 

Chiefly, the program bringing awareness of the need to continuously develop myself has been the biggest benefit I’ve received. The short, pertinent videos have been immediately applicable to my clinical practice and engagement with patients.

Could you tell us about a time that a tip came in handy?

CEP’s videos on listening well have helped me address deficiencies identified from patient experience surveys.


What new skills are you looking forward to developing?

Stepping into a larger leadership role, I am most looking forward to developing my leadership skills which center on interpersonal relationships and communication. 

Thank you Dr. Wood for sharing your story with us! We are so grateful to have you all as our partners and we look forward to what you accomplish next with the Clinician Experience Project!

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