Dr. Paddy Barrett: Rediscovering Purpose After Loss

“Despite having incredibly meaningful jobs, doctors are increasingly unhappy in their work,” explains Dr. Paddy Barrett, Cardiologist at St. Vincent’s University Hospital County Dublin, Ireland and faculty member of the Clinician Experience Project . “We’re doing everything to look after our patients and, in the same moments, we are blind to the health of our peers.” For Dr. Barrett, supporting physician well-being became a calling. “I wanted to explore why and, more importantly, I needed to find a way to shift this reality.”

Outside of leading innovations in digital medicine and contributing to the Clinician Experience Project, Dr. Barrett has dedicated himself to getting at to the root cause of physician burnout and related costly challenges on his acclaimed podcast, The Doctor Paradox.

Dr. Barrett is helping so many clinicians rediscover the best of purpose-driven work. Watch the story of his reflections on the suicide of two former colleagues and how he’s reengaged with the heart of medicine after enduring such incredible personal loss.

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