​Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program

​Included with The Clinician Experience Project

Program Overview:

In our newest coaching and development program, one of many inside the Clinician Experience Project, we have collaborated with three outstanding faculty members to create actionable tips clinicians can learn and share to mitigate inequity, promote diversity, and ensure inclusion.

The program focuses on building four skills:

  • Building Self Awareness (four tips)
  • Understanding Bias (six tips)
  • Connecting Through Differences (five tips)
  • Care Equity in Action (four tips)



Dr. Shikha Jain works tirelessly to address inequalities in health care. In 2018, she founded the Women in Medicine Summit. In 2019, Dr. Jain gave a TEDx talk on gender moonshot and the importance of gender parity in health care. 

She has been invited to deliver many more keynotes nationally since then, including the Becker’s Healthcare Conference, the American College of Physicians, and Harvard’s Career Advancement and Leadership Skills for Women in Healthcare, to name a few. Her recent successes earned her a spot in Modern Healthcare’s 25 Emerging Leaders in 2019, and she was named a Rising Star in Medicine by Medscape in 2020.

In our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program, Dr. Jain provides tips and tools to address various biases present in the medical field. With her guidance, you will learn the difference between being an upstander (i.e., one who stands up and addresses inequality as it arises) and a bystander, as well as much more to identify your own implicit biases and what you can do to grow from this awareness.

Neil Gokal, MD, FAAFP

Connecting with patients has always been Dr. Neil Gokal’s specialty. For Dr. Gokal, the best part of his job is “working with people – learning about them and learning from them.” He goes above and beyond in every encounter with his patients, getting to know and understand them, because he, like all of us here at Practicing Excellence, knows that treating the patient means much more than just treating the problem. This mentality makes Dr. Gokal a leading voice in providing personalized care across the US and a valued faculty member here at Practicing Excellence. 

Dr. Gokal is no stranger to teaching: he is the current Medical Director of Education at Southwest Medical, a clinical faculty member at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine, and an associate professor at the Roseman University of Health Sciences. 

In our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program, Dr. Gokal furthers his goal of providing medical professionals with the ability to understand their patients’ diverse backgrounds and cultures. From his experience, you will learn to connect to patients in a more personal and fundamental way than ever before. 

Michael L. Weaver, MD, FACEP

It’s no question that inequity is prevalent in the US health system. But when it comes to addressing it, how and where should health care professionals start? Dr. Michael Weaver, former medical director of equity, diversity, and inclusion and chairman of the health care equity council at Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, has the answer to such a question. 

Dr. Weaver is a diversity, equity, and inclusion pioneer. His latest endeavor is called Mission Vision Project KC, an organization dedicated to supporting underrepresented minority students entering medicine. Dr. Weaver also serves as faculty for the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine.

With years of experience in addressing these issues, Dr. Weaver shares some vital tips and provides practical challenges to give clinicians the skills necessary to create and promote a more diverse and inclusive care environment.



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