Commitment to Skill Building and Development

One of the greatest gifts you can give your care team is the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. It’s no secret that many of our clinicians and nurses are pushed to their limit and experiencing secondary trauma, which often sidelines the opportunity for skill development, setting aside time for personal recovery, and prioritizing self-care. 

But there is an approach that has proven outcomes when it comes to burnout prevention, leadership development, and team empowerment, even on the hardest days for health care teams.

Here at Practicing Excellence, our team is made up of professionals who have decades of experience not only in medicine, but also in wellness, patient connection, and leadership effectiveness. Through the Clinician Experience Project (CEP) and the Nursing Experience Project (NEP), we have created impactful and innovative skill-building programs that have been proven to advance care team engagement  and promote a more positive environment in the workplace. 

We partner with subject matter experts and industry thought leaders from various disciplines to create microlearning video content based on years of validated research and on-the-job experience. By having care teams actively use coaching tips throughout their day, leadership and teams cultivate a work environment that promotes better knowledge retention and engagement. This hands-on concept has been proven to provide measurable results and promote physician and nurse well-being. Within six months of beginning the program, client partners have seen improved net promoter scores, greater clinician engagement, and a decrease in clinician turnover, to name a few.

 “83% of clinicians prefer CEP micro-learning over traditional learning.”OhioHealh

We know that clinicians have heavy workloads, and it’s nearly impossible to take any more time in the day to dedicate to improving skills and that’s why our unique skill-building “on the fly” approach is such an effective tool. 

Each coaching tip takes no more than five minutes per week delivered via mobile app. Clinicians stay engaged by watching short coaching videos delivered by our subject matter experts and don’t feel crunched for time. They are able to soak up the information they’ve learned in small doses and are challenged to practice the coaching tips to keep learning through in-the-moment experience. Clinicians will learn about how high-performing teams function and how to get them going, enhancing your leadership skills, well-being, and more.

CEP has allowed us to connect the gap between our current state and what we strive for as individual clinicians and as an organization. It has helped us to unlock our potential and pushed us to higher levels of engagement in our careers by improving our connections and job satisfaction!” – Deana Solaiman, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist, OhioHealth HMS

Beginning one of our programs is simple. We’ll meet with you and create a roadmap together of your organizational priorities, establish measures of success to quantify improvement, and you’ll be paired with one of our dedicated advisors that will support you in planning, strategizing, and implementing. 

We strive to practice the same principles that we teach our partners: building an organization that is fueled by purpose, connection, and leadership that brings the best out of each other. Partnering together demonstrates your commitment in developing your clinicians, nurses, and yourself. And we’d love to help you get there.

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