Behind the scenes at Practicing Excellence

At Practicing Excellence we craft microlearning—5 minute or less—videos that inspire the healthcare community to learn and enhance skills, try new approaches, and share what’s made a difference for them as a clinician. We work with more than 40 subject matter experts, our faculty, who film coaching content seen by care teams across the nation.

We’re proud to say that it’s our video production team that makes our faculty’s words come to life on-screen. They create magic,, and that magic comes out of plenty of smart and hard work together.They’re rockstars at preparing our faculty for their on-screen debuts and making them feel at ease, because it can be a little formidable being on camera, especially if you haven’t done it before.

Our mighty team of 4, Alex, Jason, Matt, and Neil, transform words on paper to visual content.

One of the first things our on-set team does to prepare for filming day is storyboardingㅡa map of where faculty will stand, how to guide them when moving around, and what kind of visuals to incorporate. Each of them have their unique ways of drawing and placing scenes. 

Alex likes to work in reverse order, beginning with the end first. “I kind of look at it backwards. I like to put everything I need, where I want it so I know where I want to end up,” he says.

After mapping out how the video will be crafted and creating their studio checklist, they’re most excited about filming day, getting to know faculty, and hearing the stories they share on screen. 

A peek into what goes on behind the scenes during a Practicing Excellence filming.

“It’s the personalized stories that really stand out for me,” says Neil. “They definitely make it more fun to animate and more fun to edit. Every video has its similar elements in it, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be different every time because of those personalized stories.” 

Many of our faculty share their own stories and lessons they’ve learned from encounters with their colleagues, patients, and leaders. These experiential stories resonate with our member community because many of them have seen themselves in similar situations. 

“When there’s a professional telling a story that has a lot of impact, our role as storytellers is to take this vision that’s already encompassed in someone’s head and visualize it on screen. With education and a little bit of entertainment, we film and edit so that it’s engaging and easy to follow,” says Jason.

Many of our faculty say working with our production team is fun and full of laughter. They make them feel calm and like they’re among friends. As a team, Matt says, “I would describe us as super personable and accommodating. We’re relaxed and like to have fun with everyone on set.” 

Our marketing team had the opportunity to capture some behind-the-scenes images of what our filming space looks like.

Alex, Jason, Matt, and Neil are passionate about what they do and proud to be a part of the Practicing Excellence team. 

“As a company we get to do this noble thing, especially in the times we’re living in. I feel like I’m actually doing something important, and actually helping people’s lives,” Matt shared.

Whether our faculty is new to filming or a seasoned professional in front of the camera, they can expect a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere working with our production team. 

Fun fact, they also love their breakfast bagels and coffee. 


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