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Change happens for individuals and broader care teams because Practicing Excellence is not just about logging on or watching videos. Everyone within Ballad Health is extremely busy with no capacity for “one more thing”. In order to be successful skill-building has to align to strategy and be actionable. Ballad Health team members will respond more favorably and take the effort more seriously when they see a direct investment in their capacity to achieve the Ballad Health vision – this is why we integrate the Practicing Excellence strategy and curriculum directly into and a part of the Ballad Story. The content is then designed to LEARN, TRY, SHARE allowing individuals to apply the learning in their next patient or team interaction and make an impact right away. Next, we facilitate ways for everyone to share what happened in team huddles, morning meetings, and create an environment where personal impact begins to be the talk in the hallways. Finally, mindsets and actions start to shift, and improved outcomes follow.

Our content, whether in workshops and retreats or through our microlearning tips, is built with titans of the industry and experts in their fields. This approach delivers relevant, credible, actionable expert developed content to the right audience, at the right time to accelerate skill development. Our programs map content that is specific and relevant to the unique individual roles within Ballad, ensuring content doesn’t just get pushed to everyone, but is specific to the challenges of each setting. Everyone will be learning the same skill at the same time but through their individual perspectives. This elegant “System-Wide Approach” embraces the “in this together” mentality cultivating a community of learning.

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