April 2023 NEP Partner Spotlight | Practicing Excellence

Hannah Fox, BSN, RN, RNC-OB is our Nursing Experience Program Partner Spotlight! Hannah currently works as the Women and Infants Director at Banner Estrella Medical Center. As a leader, it is important to Hannah that she can give 100% to her team. To see how Hannah utilizes NEP to become an efficient, supportive leader for her team, read her interview below!

How long have you been in nursing, and what are your favorite parts about it?

I have been in nursing for 20 years, first starting out in 2003 as a nurse extern and then formally as an RN in 2004. My favorite part about nursing is the ability to work in a field where compassion is the main ingredient. Regardless of the role, compassion is at its core and the fact that I have a career with compassion at its foundation is invaluable.


What are your favorite parts of leading a team of nurses?

My favorite part of leading a team of nurses is getting to come alongside of them in their nursing journey and supporting them to succeed whether they are a new nurse learning to manage their daily tasks to an experienced nurse promoting to a new role. As a bedside nurse, we supported our patients to achieve the goals of their stay and that skill is transferable as a leader. In short, it’s mentorship!


In WHat areas have you seen your team improve the most?

As a leader of leaders, my direct team has improved most at communicating well. They have developed tools and processes to keep the information consistent and meaningful as well as to keep themselves accountable when there are competing priorities. They include the “why”  and “when” if needed and have been able to introduce new concepts or changes with greater acceptance and accountability due to this skill.


What have you done to engage your nurses to prevent this feeling like “one more thing”?

“One more thing” is the challenge of the season for nursing right now. Recovery after COVID has impacted this as we try to return to pre-covid state, but seemingly in a more rapid pace, because we have been there before. Connecting the dots to the impact to the patient or themselves and connecting the “why” are crucial in preventing the feeling of “one more thing.” Including team members in making decisions on how a new process or initiative may be rolled out and keeping them involved early in the process has also been helpful in preventing the feeling of “one more thing”.


In what ways have you seen your nurses implement tips into their work?

My team has used the tips to help support a message being shared, whether it be on patient experience, showing compassion, or even as inspiration at the beginning of a meeting.  Some of my leaders have successfully mentored up-and-coming leaders by completing the leadership certification along side of them and using the videos as a talking point during their meetings.


Thank you Hannah for sharing your story with us! We are excited to see what you accomplish in the future with the Nursing Experience Program.

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