ANother Conversation over Coffee with Marla Weston

Welcome back to Conversations over Coffee, and welcome back, Marla Weston! I had so many questions for Marla that it’s impossible to fit them in just one episode. For those who may have missed the first episode, Marla is our Strategic Advisor for the Nursing Experience Project. She began her career in health care as a registered nurse and has committed herself to championing and advocating for nurses ever since. To add to her impressive resume, Marla has also worked as the American Nursing Association (ANA) CEO for nine years and runs a successful consulting business committed to helping health care systems across the country.  

Marla has made an invaluable impact on nursing and continues to do so today. In this episode, we celebrate her achievements and discuss how she uses her influence to improve the working conditions of nurses daily. Watch the video now! 



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