A Conversation over Coffee with Marla Weston

Welcome back to another installment of Conversations over Coffee! In this episode, I’m very excited and honored to have the opportunity to interview Marla J. Weston, our Strategic Advisor for Practicing Excellence’s Nursing Experience Project.

Marla brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, as well as her valuable insight on what it takes to be a nurse and a nurse leader. With an arsenal of skills and a high-caliber resume, it was pretty easy to feel intimidated at first. After all, this is a person that has dedicated (and continues to dedicate) her life to advocating for the nursing profession and improving the working conditions of nurses. Despite this, Marla remains down-to-earth and radiates purpose and positivity wherever she goes. Our conversation flowed easily as she shared her experiences and hopes for the future of nursing.

Marla’s a rockstar and I’m glad that she’s part of the Practicing Excellence family. With this in mind, I knew she was one person I desperately wanted to have a conversation over coffee with.


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